Load Runners® Load Rails

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Osborn Load Rails are made in high-strength steel and offer allowable rail loadings of up to 317.450 N per roller for maximum design flexibility.

They are available in two separate hardness ranges (55-60 HRC and 38 HRC) and in three different types:


Rails longer than 3000 mm are delivered in length.
Mounting holes are spaced evenly from rail ends.  They are equally spaced 250 mm apart, with a distance to each rail end of 125 mm. For track length less than 500 mm, the holes are equally spaced 150 mm apart only with a distance to rail ends of 100 mm.

Mounting equipment for rails such as screws and lock washers are not included!

#1 Clearance hole for
cap screw

#2 Clearance hole
and counterbore for socket head cap screw and hi-collar lock washer.

  #3 Tapped thru hole for cap screw
Tapped hole in the bottom of rail for HPTV

For further information regarding the right selection and planning of Load Rails please see our recommendations on Track Alignment and Capacity.

To determine a part number of the proper Load Rail simply specify and combine the following characteristics:

- for 55-60 HRC or for 38 HRC
- Style and size of rail
- Requested overall length in mm
- Mounting hole option



For load rail L 55-60 HRC, 1500 mm length, V track, 75 mm high (MTV-1) and with mounting hole option #1,
the part number reads as follows:

An equivalent range of Load Rails in Inch sizes please find in our catalogue on page 42/43.

Furthermore Load Rails in stainless steel and special designs according customer drawings can be supplied on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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